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Len McLendon

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10/16/18 11:25 AM #3    

Dee Ham

Was a dear friend, and was my first friend to die at such an early age, and it was due to a boating accident. Len and Leger, Vance and I were good friends.. Was a counselor at a boys camp when I learned of his death.. Will never forget the day or my friend. Len was at Long Beach when this happened. His girlfriend was in the boat when the steering cable seperated and Len was thrown from the boat.

10/17/18 11:17 AM #4    

Judy Pittman (Welder)

I still feel the feeling I felt at the moment I found out. He will be with me forever. What a true friend! (Hello Dee, missed seeing you this weekend!)


10/17/18 03:34 PM #5    

Melanie Wells

I remember when Len died in a horrible boating accident.  I believe it was 1968 or 1969 and after Terry Kellar.  Both were so tragic.

10/18/18 09:44 AM #6    

Geoff King

We all remember Len--a very bright and funny guy, great sense of humor.  Len was killed in a boating accident in the summer of 1967, just before football season started.  He was scheduled to be the center on the team.  A great guy.  Sorely missed.  

10/19/18 12:34 PM #7    

Melanie Wells

Thank you, Geoff, for contributing the sad timeline of Len's tragic death and that he was the first of the Page Class of 68 to die.  He was indeed a funny, wonderful young man.  

10/19/18 01:30 PM #8    

Sharon Trull (Morgan)

Actually, another classmate, Cran Felts, died during our junior year.  I'm not sure of the circumstances.  But Len's death, being such a horrible boating accident, really made an impression on me.  To this day, I think of that whenever I get into the water from a boat.  Len was so easy going, friendly to all and funny! I think we as a class really felt his absence and were sobered to the realities of growing up. 

10/20/18 02:52 PM #9    

Rob Senn

It seems incomplete to recollect Len's passing without remembering his remarkable actions on that tragic day.

If memory serves me well, Len and his girlfriend were motoring across the water in the boat (she was known to us all, but I just can't remember her name now) when the boat motor controls malfunctioned. As the boat turned in circles with the engine revving hard, Len picked her up and threw her overboard and clear of the danger. He dove in shortly thereafter, but was hit by the careening boat.

His selfless and generous act inspired us all to recognize a higher good that we (I should only speak for myself) would not have found otherwise at such a young age.  His inspiration stayed alive in us for years.  And then again today. 

10/21/18 11:01 AM #10    

Cecil W. Pickler

I did not know the particulars surrounding Len's tragic death but now, after reading the posts from others, I am more keenly aware of his greatness even in death.  He, like so many other PHS 68' graduates, have left us all too soon but their memory continues onward.  Let us never forget how quickly things can change for all of us.  Even at our "advanced" age, we are leaving this old earth way too soon.

10/22/18 04:59 PM #11    

Dee Ham

could be wrong... Ledger Meyland would know for sure. He was his best friend.. I am pretty sure he would know the circumstances. The steering cable broke, he was thrown from the boat and .. well .. the propellor killed him.. enough said.... how is never the issue in this case ... THE LOSS IS WHAT TEARS OR TEAR'S  ALL OF US ..

10/24/18 02:37 PM #12    

Leger Meyland

Growing up with Len was a great experience. His family and mine were very close. We vacationed together, played together and hurt together when he passed (July 2, 1967).  His passing changed my life and prepared me for the passing of other classmates - all gone before their time. It's good to see that so many of you miss Len and others. We had a great class with many smart, funny, full-of-life people. I hope you will keep our classmates in your hearts. My best to everyone. Now, I'm going to go back to my hermitage. Love Leger




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