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07/28/08 11:26 AM #1    

Sharon Trull (Morgan)

Welcome to the Page High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/31/08 01:29 PM #2    

Riki Hermanson

hell i am just trying to find the prior button.....

07/31/08 06:08 PM #3    

Kathy Baumgarner (Boyd)

Dear Sharon,
It's great to hear from you. So sorry that I will be out of the country during the Reunion. Do hope that you will be posting photos of the big event.

Many thanks for doing all this work. This web site is fabulous,


08/06/08 11:20 AM #4    

Sharon Trull (Morgan)

"You did good", Riki! At least you were able to post some photos. Great to see you are still sculpting. And Kathy, I am so sorry we will not see get to see you at the reunion, but keep in touch!

10/20/08 07:39 PM #5    

Judy Murphy (Worsley)

What a great guys did a great job. Was wonderful seeing everyone again...let's get an even bigger turn out for the next one. Meanwhile let's all stay in touch via the web site.....
Judy Murphy Worsley

10/21/08 06:56 PM #6    

Judy A. Phillips (Kersey)

FANTASTIC WEEKEND!! Warren and I had a great time this weekend. It was so good to see so many that we had not seen in so many years! We plan to keep in touch. The committee did a wonderful job planning the weekend, thank you all.

04/22/11 10:16 AM #7    


Cecil W. Pickler

Sharon, I am very glad you set up this web site.  I was unable to attend the reunion but I have connected with several classmates since then because of the web.  Again, thank you.

01/09/16 11:07 AM #8    

Barbara Long (Hammock)

HI! HOPING THE NEW YEAR 2016 will be fantastic to everyone.

I do not know who handled our 40th High School Reunion but our 50the is around the corne. I live to far away to handle that task but it would be fabulous to see you all!

I work in a small town and they had the homecoming queen from 1965 lead the Homecoming parade in a corvette convertable.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am back working as a Commercial Banker but this time for a small community bank.

02/25/18 10:17 AM #9    

Edward C. (Ed) Sossaman, Jr.

Sharon, I completed the recent reunion survey.  Unfortunately, Betsi and I live too far away (southern FL) to help with committee preparation, although we would be happy to arrive a few days early if you could use help with last minute setup.  I am wondering if as part of the reunion, a tour of Page could be arranged?  I haven't been there since graduation and would love to walk the halls one last time.  Attending a football game would also be nice.  The current principal might even like to arrange a seminar (question/answer) with seniors, allowing them to interact with their 50 year predecessors concerning "life after highschool".  Our class generated pastors, doctors, dentists, lawyers, business executives, bankers, accountants, military persons and all manner of happy, & successful contributors to society, many without higher education which isn't best for everyone.  And our children have multiplied that contribution many times over.  I can only hope that we didn't generate any politicianssad.  Sadly, many of our classmates have passed, some during and soon after their time at Page.  Life is fleeting and may be lost unexpectedly.  I hope the class of 2019 has been taught to live each day fully and blessed to know their maker and savior.  Regards,  Ed Sossaman



02/26/18 12:39 PM #10    

Judy Pittman (Welder)

Hey Ya'll, I just heard about Robert Worth and I'm so sad to hear the news. Just thought I'd reach out to all my friends from high school who remember the antics I got into with Robert and many of you. Those days were great fun, (I'm afraid I didn't take it the schooling part very seriously but I did enjoy your friendship!) Robert was one of my best buddies and confidant, always there with a supportive comforting ear and a smiling face. I was hoping to see him at the reunion. Love to all, Judy

10/14/18 01:55 PM #11    

Judy A. Phillips (Kersey)

Thank you to the Reunion Committee!  Warren and I had a great time this weekend!   So nice to see classmates we haven’t seen in years!  Friday night was very casual, comfortable,  the location was fantastic!  Saturday evening was elegant, not to formal, the meal very good, enjoyed the music, socializing, photo section. Looking forward to seeing the photos!  

Thank you again for all the work put in to having a wonderful weekend!!!

10/15/18 10:23 PM #12    


Lloyd Eubanks

Thanks to everyone for all of the gruntwork that went into this weekend. You guys rocked and I hope that we can see each other soon.

Warmest Regards,                                                                                                                                            Lloyd Eubanks

05/24/21 07:27 PM #13    

Deborah Whitlow (Sherrill)

So very sorry to learn of Cindy's death.  Does anyone know what happened?  She was such a nice person.

02/18/23 09:04 PM #14    

Katharine McFarland (Henson)

Kathy McFarland here! single, 3 great kids! Hope you are doing well!

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