Greetings to all you 1968 Page graduates!  The 50th anniversary of our graduation is just around the corner.  A group of us in the Greensboro area have had an initial meeting and are starting to plan a 50 reunion celebration.  We would very much like to have your input and ask that you take a few minutes to send us your thoughts through the survey posted on the left hand side of the home page.  As much as possible, we want to accommodate the desires of the individuals most interested in attending a 50th Year Celebration .  We will make every effort to balance those desires with the potential cost to provide an enjoyable time for everyone in attendance.  And as always, please encourage your friends to log on, update their information and complete the survey.  

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1)   How likely is it that you would attend a 50th Reunion celebration for the class of 1968?

  Very likely
  Somewhat Likely
  Not likely
2)   What time of year appeals to you most?

3)   What type of Saturday night event would interest you most?

  Casual gathering with open bar and snacks
  Party atmosphere with buffet dinner, open bar and entertainment
  Formal party with sit down dinner with cocktail hour and entertainment
4)   Would you attend a Friday night event also?

5)   What type of entertainment would you like to see for a Saturday evening event?

  Small group ( trio,eg.) background music
6)   What other auxiliary events would you be interested in attending if planned?

  Football game (Fall event)
  Campus Tour
  Golf outing
  Baseball game (Spring event)
  Sunday morning brunch
  Greensboro brewery pub tour (Friday evening)
7)   Which of the following per person price ranges are you willing to pay for the Saturday night event?